Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Finding Balance Between Inherent and Instrumental Complexity

One of the most progressive frameworks to come along in a long time is Vuejs (also known as Vue2). It has exploded onto the stage of the JavaScript framework world just when there has been a lot of talk about a phenomena called "JavaScript Fatigue", read How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016 to learn more.

The screenshot of the Vuejs component below is elegant and very clean. The component structure is aligned with the W3C Web Component Specification and includes sections for CSS, Template and JavaScript.

In addition to this nice encapsulation the developer is also free to use the CSS pre-processor, template engine and script language they prefer. The build tools don't really care if components built by different developers use the same options or not, it handles them all.

Vuejs is an answer for two overall issues that modern developers wrestle with, inherent complexity and instrumental complexity. Inherent complexity is the degree of engineering naturally required by the innovation you what to achieve, while instrumental complexity is introduced by the tools, framework and process you end up using to achieve your product.

It would be reasonable to not introduce more instrumental complexity than warranted, nothing should slow you down and take your focus off the inherent complexity you want to solve. Striking the balance between these two complexities is what Vuejs has realized.

When compared to other frameworks like Reactjs and Angularjs this certainly seems to be the verdict and can be heard in the many happy reactions to Vuejs from developers in the Twitter sphere. This same essential complexity division is also addressed in Steve Jobs on Process over Content.

It certainly is an exciting time to be a dreamer, innovator and actualizer. It has been my experience that it is paramount to develop the skills necessary to realize your creativity and business, whatever that may be. In this brave new world the developer is king and leads the way forward.

At the same time the speed to realization can move real fast yet seem to take forever. It really depends on what your shooting for, the beach or the stars. Time is elastic and not constant in this way for any worthwhile endeavor. If you have a passion for what you do you'll feel the rush whenever you look back as you keep going.

The past summer has closed the gap in a big way and I continue to catapult on with increased focus. Sandwiched between are many guitar compositions and also some entertaining insights into the state of our planet, courtesy of a colorful palette of philosophy and cosmology on YouTube. Joy to you from us!

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