Monday, 31 March 2014

Heart of Gold : Manitoba's Vibrant Music Making Scene

The 2014 JUNO Awards were celebrated in our very musical city this past week. It was a true delight to meet Owen Clark at a session by music historian John Einarson, where we were introduced to a future Manitoba Music Museum. I first met Owen at a MIDI workshop he organized a number of years ago. It's incredible how music technology has grown since the heyday of the MIDI cable.

Owen has published Musical Ghosts, Manitoba's Jazz & Dance Bands, 1914-1966, a narrative on the hot jazz and cool blues in our city's history. Below shows us both beaming about the future of music!

The development of my music composition instrument is progressing rapidly these days. Looking back it was certainly a challenging task to turn such a dream into reality. My expectation of what music software should be able to do has always been high. Fortunately, I have also been blessed with an abundance of energy and the freedom to make it happen.
"Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom." — Albert Einstein

My amazing wife also graduated from her Market Management course this past month, that's us below at the graduation. If being an accomplished classical pianist is not enough, she has great ambitions and also just finished further Statistics and Project Management courses. Next, she is pursing her studies and mastery of Digital Marketing, making all her studies practical by applying the full toolbelt of internet marketing techniques.

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