Monday, 16 December 2013

Innovators, Learning Levels and the Zooming Song

As a musician web entrepreneur I support and love all music. Recently, thanks to YouTube I rediscovered a classic rock tune called Zoom Club by Budgie, from their 1974 In For the Kill album. This also happens to be the year I first picked up a guitar. For me this tune speaks about the entrepreneurial vision and passion and has great lyrics, quoted below along with further commentary on its relevance.
"Come on everyone of you g.i's
You are the ones who can care
Speed on you wonderful dropouts
We`ll break the walls of this room in

Zoom along, superstar
All over the land
Move on music man

Come on everyone of you people
You ain`t got mud in your eyes
Tell everybody with hunger
Eat up the music tonight

Come on you`ll only get harder
I wanna get it to you
You are my life
You turn around in your zoot suit

Come on everyone of you preachers
You do the best that you can
Move on every one of you teachers
You do the best that you can"
Music has always been the forerunner of innovations in history and from my vantage point the tune is all about being an entrepreneur on the front lines, doing something great and disruptive. The tune is about birthing something good for the people and the joy of bringing it to the world. Like it says "everybody with hunger, who are doing the best that they can" are invited to zoom along with the music man.

Interestingly, the song mentions the "wonderful dropouts". More interesting, the vast majority of innovations have been introduced into our world by dropouts, like: Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Nikola Tesla. In order to innovate (think, breath and be truly alive) it is necessary to learn to think differently.

The usual learning types include, entry level imitation based learning and applied apprentice based learning. While meta-cognition and generative learning are deeper levels where the knowledge cap is superseded and experience is gained by failing forward, leading to understanding then wisdom, which is the ability to see different perspectives. Our product facilitates all these learning types, with emphasis on the meta-cognition and generative levels.

Innovation certainly has its challenges, the challengers might even include the influence of short term thinking instead of doing something amazing. However, all things told this is a most opportune time, when a cross disciplinary team of go getters can startup, move quickly and realize a significant ROI.

Having a strong commitment to excellence has brought our product onto the launchpad. With easily accessible avenues to marketing on a worldwide scale we are primed for a successful mission, with takeoff commencing in the new year.

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